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Quality and experience in the field of materials testing

ChemiLytics – your center for analytical services in southern Lower Saxony. The laboratory belongs to the Masan Group and benefits from years of expertise in the area of chemical and physical analysis. Located in the town of Goslar, ChemiLytics is one of Germany’s largest ISO 17025 accredited laboratories for inorganic elemental analysis and powder characterization, which enables us to serve customers across the globe in industries ranging from 3D printing and aerospace to e-mobility and more. Approximately 70 employees compile chemical analyses and physical measurement data here at a facility with 7,500 square meters of floor space.

Why should you work with us?

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Expert advice

At ChemiLytics we naturally start by advising our customers on the best analysis methods and parameters. Because we’re open seven days a week, our team is there to handle your request at any time.

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Years of experience

The ChemiLytics team has gained many years of experience in every area of our scope of services. In addition to their own expertise, our qualified employees are therefore able to draw on the company’s large knowledge base.

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Accredited testing laboratory

ChemiLytics has been accredited as a testing laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 since 1995. This accreditation shows that you can rely unreservedly on our testing and analysis results.

Photo contact person sales
Photo contact person sales

Your contacts in sales

Our sales team and experts will advise you and prepare a quotation.

Feel free to contact us via

phone: +49 5321 751 51515

or use our inquiry form.

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...successful cooperation with our customers is based on mutual support and solution-oriented communication.

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Our process

01 / Your company

Problem definition

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible: Which material or matrix is to be analyzed? What state is the material in (powder, pieces, …)? Which method is required? Which elements, detection limits and/or physical parameters are to be specified?



After clarifying the problem, send us your inquiry via email ( or phone (+49 5321 751 51515). In-person inquiries are also possible in exceptional cases.

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Feasibility testing

We usually check the feasibility of your request within 24 hours.

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Selection of methods

We select one or more suitable analysis methods to suit your request.



As a rule, feedback and advice on the next steps will be provided within 24 hours. We will also clarify any unanswered questions at this point.

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You gather a homogeneous sample of the substance you want tested in the quantity specified in the offer. The modern, highly detectable analytical methods we use require careful handling of the sample material during sampling in order to avoid systematic errors. Proper sampling is a prerequisite for professional analysis. Please avoid contamination from dust, people or tools when grinding. This creates the basis for precise results.

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Proper packaging

Proper packaging in line with official criteria is essential to protect the sample. Glass bottles with a tight-fitting screw cap are ideal. Also pay attention to the outer packaging. In the case of glass bottles, it has proven useful to either cushion the bottle in foam rubber or pack it in PE bubble wrap (air cushion). Then pack the sample bottle in a sturdy cardboard box as outer packaging. For powdery samples that are stable in air, packaging in PE bags (double-wrapped and shrink-wrapped) is also possible. The shipping package can then be a padded envelope. Plastic bags often release plasticizers that are absorbed by fine powder with a large surface area. This means the carbon content results for samples packed in this way are systematically falsified. For extreme trace analysis using mass spectrometry, carefully decontaminated plastic bottles made of FEP or PE that can be closed completely must be used. Glass bottles have been found to be unsuitable particularly for trace analysis of sodium. A second outer packaging made of glass or plastic is recommended to ensure that your samples will be safely protected and can be analyzed by us.



You pack the sample properly and send it to our laboratory. Please note that, as a rule, no confirmation of receipt will be sent. If you want confirmation, logistics providers do offer tracking services. Please do not use registered mail with a return receipt under any circumstances; a registered package is sufficient.

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Laboratory testing

We carry out the analysis on your sample as discussed. In general, we need around 14 calendar days for this. An express version is also possible by individual arrangement and with a corresponding surcharge, whereby we carry out the analysis within five working days. If a method has to be developed for the sample analysis, the laboratory test may take longer, but you will of course be informed of this.

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Creation of a test report

Once the analyses have been completed, we prepare a detailed test report on the results.


Professional disposal

Once all the analyses are complete, the sample is recycled by our laboratory in accordance with environmental and quality standards. If it is absolutely necessary for you to receive the sample back, we offer a return shipment option using your own shipping label for a fee.


Dispatch of test report

As soon as the test report has been completed, it will be sent to you. This marks the end of the process.

How to reach us

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More information


ChemiLytics GmbH & Co. KG Im Schleeke 78-91 38642 Goslar, Germany

Directions from Hanover via the A7:

Exit the A7 at junction 63 Salzgitter/Goslar and take the B6 towards Goslar. In Goslar, continue on the B6 until the Goslar-Oker/Altenau exit. Turn right there onto the B498 (Im Schleeke) and follow the road for around 1 km. Please report to the H.C Starck reception at gate 3.

Directions from Kassel via the A7:

Exit the A7 at junction 66 Rhüden and take the B82 towards Goslar. As you enter Goslar, turn left to connect to the B6 and continue on the B6 towards Bad Harzburg/Braunschweig until the Goslar-Oker/Altenau exit. Turn right onto the B498 (Im Schleeke) and follow the road for around 1 km. Please report to the H.C Starck reception at gate 3.