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Classic wet chemical methods
Classic wet chemical methods
Classic wet chemical methods
Classic wet chemical methods

Classic wet chemical methods

Our wet-chemical analyses, such as chromium (VI) determination, essentially support the monitoring of other analytical methods and help us develop and verify new methods with our customers. This means we can react flexibly and individually to different requirements and constantly expand our expertise by developing new methods.

Wet chemical analysis for diverse applications

Classic wet chemical methods are widely used in our testing laboratory. This type of procedure from our service portfolio is used for processes such as:


Determining main and secondary components, as well as non-standard trace elements


Classic wet chemical analysis by means of volumetric analysis, gravimetry, electrogravimetry, photometry and ion chromatography


Preparing samples using distillation, acidulation, acid pressure decomposition and fusion decomposition


Preparing reference methods

Featured equipment for classic wet chemical methods

Our laboratory has a multitude of high-quality precision devices that enable the precise analysis results we consider to be our standard. Our equipment for classic wet chemical analysis includes the following devices and machines:

You can also find further details in our list of services. Here you can also inquire directly about our services.

Our equipment

Ion chromatographs


Distillation equipment

Ion-specific meters

Automated titration analyzers

Electrolysis cells


Our services – nine areas for first-class results

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