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Powder characterization
Powder characterization
Powder characterization
Powder characterization

Powder characterization

Production-monitoring and process-engineering analyses – such as particle/grain size distribution using laser diffraction or BET measurement – enable our customers, such as those in the 3D printing sector, to increase quality and yield.


One of the most frequent services we provide at ChemiLytics for our customers is analysis of particle size distribution.

Particle size distribution

Laser diffraction analyzers quickly provide exceptionally precise data on particle size distribution in wet and dry dispersions – from the millimeter to nanometer range.

In addition, our laboratory offers the following services for powder analysis:

  • Analysis during production for process control and monitoring
  • Specific surface (using BET) / pore volume distribution
  • Measurement of grain size distribution
  • Sieve analysis
  • Tap density measurement

Our GD-MS system is used to characterize solids. It can be used to test the purity of semiconductive and conductive materials, for example.

Featured equipment for powder characterization

Our laboratory has a multitude of high-quality precision devices that enable the precise analysis results we consider to be our standard. Our equipment for powder characterization includes the following devices and machines:

You can also find further details in our list of services. Here you can also inquire directly about our services.

Our equipment

Laser diffraction analyzer (Mastersizer 3000, Mastersizer 2000, Mastersizer S, Microtrac (S3500))

BET surface analyzer (Tristar II, Tristar II Plus)

Rotap sieve shaker (Rotap (W.S.Tyler), RX-29-B (Haver&Böcker))

Sieve shaker (Alpine)

Vibrating sieve shaker (AS 200 basic, Vibro, AS 200 control (Retsch))

Sieve shaker (JEL (J.Engelsmann AG))

Jolting volumeter (STAV II, STAV 2003 (J.Engelsmann AG))

Fischer sub sieve sizer (medium grain sizer (Fischer Scientific Company))

Density measurement (He-Pyknometer AccuPyc II 1340 (Micromeritics))

Our services – nine areas for first-class results

Are you also interested in other laboratory and analysis services? As one of the largest industrial laboratories for inorganic elemental analysis and powder characterization, ChemiLytics offers you a comprehensive resource for your laboratory services. Find out more about our various services.