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Gamma spectrometry
Gamma spectrometry
Gamma spectrometry
Gamma spectrometry

Gamma spectrometry

Gamma spectrometry is a highly effective analysis technique used in chemical testing laboratories and enables precise measurement and characterization of radioactive isotopes in samples. By detecting specific gamma radiation, we can gain information on the type and concentration of radioactive substances.


We offer our customers analysis of raw materials and waste as a basis for disposal certificates in connection with natural radioactivity. Our service portfolio includes the following analyses:

  • Measurement of the natural radioactivity of raw materials and waste by means of gamma spectrometry
  • Determination of specific, individual activities of nuclides of the natural decay series uranium-radium, uranium-actinium and thorium
  • Routines for ore containing tungsten and tantalum

Featured equipment for gamma spectrometry

Our laboratory has a multitude of high-quality precision devices that enable the precise analysis results we consider to be our standard. Our equipment for gamma spectrometry includes the following devices and machines:

You can also find further details in our list of services. Here you can also inquire directly about our services.

Our equipment

Gamma ray detectors (Germanium (Canberra))

Measurement and evaluation software “Genie 2000” (Mirion / Canberra)

Our services – nine areas for first-class results

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