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Accreditation certificate


Our accreditation from the national accreditation body of Germany (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle or DAkkS) offers advantages for all involved. For us as a testing laboratory, it confirms our competence at a national level, while for our customers, accreditation is an important criterion when it comes to choosing the right laboratory for their orders. After all, the right laboratory with corresponding high-quality analysis increases product quality and safety. This also benefits the end users of the products for which we analyze samples.

Icon Accredited testing laboratory ChemiLytics
Icon Accredited testing laboratory ChemiLytics

Our accreditation as a testing laboratory

ChemiLytics has been accredited as a testing laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (formerly DIN EN 45001) since 1995. The accreditation is proof that you can rely on our test results. Our expertise and a standard-compliant quality management system have been verified by an independent institution according to internationally defined criteria. In close cooperation with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung, or BAM), ChemiLytics is also actively involved in the manufacture of certified reference materials (CRMs). We strive for perfection, not only in analytics but in every area – be it production, quality assurance, research or customer service.

Our customers come from the international high-tech industry. They expect more than mere compliance with specification values; they need proof of quality in the form of actual values for individual product data from current production. That requires the kind of complex, tailor-made analytics that we offer in our laboratory and which enable us to provide reliable statements on product properties in the form of verified analyses and physical measurement data.

Accreditation certificate

The accredited testing areas are attached to the accreditation certificate as certificate enclosure -01 and -02. Further information on the flexible accredited scopes can be found in the list of accredited test procedures. The associated measurement uncertainties can be reviewed in the following documents:

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and X-ray diffractometry
Gravimetry, ion chromatography, volumetric analysis and potentiometry
Carrier gas hot extraction and combustion analysis
Particle and powder characterisation (physical)

Furthermore, ChemiLytics has held ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management since October 2019. You can download the corresponding certificate here.

If you have specific questions on the scope of services authorized by our accreditation, please call +49 5321 751 51515 or email

Accreditation certificate