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Non-metal analysis
Non-metal analysis
Non-metal analysis
Non-metal analysis

Non-metal analysis

Non-metallic analysis is a key method for studying and characterizing non-metallic materials and compounds. Our experienced team of analysts and our modern equipment enable us to deliver detailed information on the composition, structure and properties of non-metals in order to provide support with quality assurance, research and development and fulfillment of regulatory requirements.

Applications for non-metallic analysis

A typical application in this area is LECO combustion analysis. The sample under analysis is burned with pure oxygen at temperatures in excess of 800°C, and then the combustion gases are analyzed spectroscopically or with a flame ionization detector. In addition, the following analyses can be performed on non-metallic elements:


Analysis during production for process monitoring and control


Combustion analysis (C and S)


Carrier gas hot extraction (H, N and O)


Free carbon and total carbon by means of combustion analysis

Featured equipment for non-metallic analysis

Our laboratory has a multitude of high-quality precision devices that enable the precise analysis results we consider to be our standard. Our equipment for non-metallic analysis includes the following devices and machines:

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Our equipment

CS analyzers (CSLS 600, CS 744 (Leco), CS-580 (Eltra))

C analyzers (C 744, WC 600, RC 612 (Leco))

ONH analyzers (TCH 600, ONH 836 (Leco))

ON analyzers (TC 500, TC 600 (Leco))

Elemental analyzer (VarioTOC Cube (elementary))

Coulometer (C30HT (Behr))

Our services – nine areas for first-class results

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