Our Particle Size Measurements

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Our Methods


Methods of Analysis


Standards (examples)

particle size distribution

laser diffraction

MasterSizer 3000, 2000,

S µ, Microtrac S3500

ISO 13320,
ASTM B 822

particle size distribution

sieving (RoTap sieving, air jet sieving, wet sieving)

W.S. Tyler Incorporated, Haver & Böcker,
Alpine, Retsch

ASTM B 214,
DIN 66161,
ASTM D 2862

flow behaviour

vibrational flow

Retsch sieving machine

medium particle sizes

Fisher sub sieve sizer

Fisher Scientific Type 95

ASTM B 330

filling density, flow behaviour

Scott volumeter,

Hall flowmeter

ASTM B 212, ASTM B 213, ASTM B 329,
ASTM B 964

tapped density

jolting volumeter


DIN EN ISO 3953,

ASTM B 527


helium pycnometer


ASTM B 923


tungsten rod mills

ASTM B 859

pore volume distribution

pore volume distribution from adsorption or desorption isotherms

TriStar 3000,

TriStar II Plus 3030

ASTM D 4222,
DIN 66134

specific surface area

specific surface area according to BET

TriStar 3000,

TriStar II Plus 3030

DIN ISO 9277, ASTM D 3663

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Our Equipment


Type (Manufacturer)

BET Surface

Tristar I, Tristar II Plus 3030 (Tristar)

Grain Size

Fisher Subsieve Sizer (Fisher)


Rotap (W.S.Tyler), RX-29-B (Haver&Böcker)

Sieving machine


Laser diffraction

S3500 (microtrac); Mastersizer 2000, Mastersizer 3000, S µ (Malvern Panalytical)

Jolting volumeter

STAV II, STAV 2003 (J.Engelsmann AG)

Vibration sieving machine

AS 200 basic, Vibro, AS 200 control (Retsch)

Sieving machine

JEL (J. Engelsmann AG)