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Chemilytics quality

Our commit­ment to quality

Chemilytics graphic of measurement results

Here at ChemiLytics, we strive to achieve the highest level of quality in every aspect of our work, not only to meet the requirements of Germany’s national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle or DAkkS), but also as a result of our own motivation. Our certification and accreditation show that we live up to our commitment to quality and can verify our competence to customers around the globe.

Our methods of analysis are so effective that a single sugar cube dissolved in Lake Constance would not escape detection.

Chemilytics graphic of measurement results

Our accreditations and certification as a testing laboratory

Our customers in the international high-tech industry expect more than compliance with specification values: they want constant proof of quality in the form of actual product data from their current production operations. That requires complex, tailor-made analytics. We are able to provide reliable statements on every desired product feature in the shortest possible time, with expertise that has been proven by an independent institution in accordance with international criteria: ChemiLytics has been accredited as a testing laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (formerly DIN EN 45001) since 1995.

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Our commitment to service

Consulting for more efficient solutions

Our mission is to develop the best possible solutions for our customers based on specific expertise and longstanding customer relationships. The goal of each consultation at ChemiLytics is therefore to help our customers reduce the complexity of their tasks so they can focus on their core processes. We advise them on how to select and develop suitable methods for an optimized production process and help them define methodological standards, with the result being that efficiency becomes routine. In addition to our daily operations, we invest in research and development for new methods of analysis so we can react quickly and flexibly to technological innovations.

Digitalization – even faster for the customer

As elsewhere, increasing digitalization is playing a decisive role in the field of laboratory services. Our Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS) allows us to employ customer-specific interfaces in order to enable a high level of responsiveness, for example, or provide new services for customers. And by implementing new processes based on specific knowledge of how a laboratory is organized, we are able to further improve the efficiency of a laboratory’s workflow.

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We value the professional and competent working relationship we have with ChemiLytics. A partner you can count on.

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